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    Digital Marketing

    We offer support to SMEs and self-employed people during their digital transformation process so that they can increase their income and reduce their commercial activity costs. In addition to accessing markets that they are currently not reaching. Digital marketing is necessary for achieving business goals now, and in the future.

    What do we do?

    • Digital assets: we create websites, e-commerce and apps that focus on both customer and user requirements. Our solutions are customer-centric and seek to provide the best user experience. We have a team of UX and UI experts.
      ✔ Design and creation of websites and landing pages
      ✔ Creating e-commerce
      ✔ App design and solutions
      ✔ Defining and running Social Media presence and strategy
    • Generating traffic: we create traffic targeted to our digital assets to meet marketing goals (notoriety, creating leads, sales, etc.), constantly seeking the best return on investment.
      ✔ We create and run Google Ads campaigns (search, display, remarketing, shopping, YouTube, etc.)
      ✔ We create and run Social Ads campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter Ads, etc.)
      ✔ Apps (downloads)
      ✔ SEO: we optimize your website so that you are quickly found on Google, and help you to choose the best keywords and SEO strategy. And help you to choose the best keywords and SEO strategy.
    • E-CRM: good management of existing and potential customer databases is crucial for business activity. As is the relationship marketing action plan to use for each of your target audiences. We help you to implement the CRM tools for making your business management and marketing more efficient and automated, so you can achieve your business goals.
    • Metering: we set up the metering tools you need for measuring all of your activities, so you make correct analyses and better decisions as a result.

    What sets us apart?

    We are experts in digital marketing for SMEs. We know their key requirements and we offer tailored, added-value solutions designed primarily to achieve specified sales and marketing goals.


    Packages – Services

    Website Design

    • Website design and development
    • E-commerce design and development
    • Hosting
    • Domain and email account
    • Website maintenance
    • On-page SEO included
    • Linking with Google Analytics
    Website design from € 1,000

    Website hosting and maintenance from € 50 / month

    Paid Media

    • Creating and running Google Ads campaigns
    • Creating and running Facebook / Instagram Ads campaigns
    • Creating and running LinkedIn Ads campaigns

    Monthly package from € 150 / month (*)

    * Does not include investment in media

    * Does not include creative work


    • Keyword analysis
    • On-page SEO maintenance (creation, management and adjustment of tags)
    • Off-page SEO maintenance (link building)
    • Monitoring and reports

    Monthly package from € 200 / month

    Social Media

    • Community Manager service
    • Content creation
    • Design

    Monthly package from € 200 / month


    • Automated marketing with advanced features
    • Forms and pop-ups
    • CRM
    • Integrated email
    • Contacts and opportunities history
    • Visitor activity history
    • Integrated marketing and sales dashboard
    • Website analysis

    Monthly package from € 50 / month (*)

    * Does not include onboarding (initial setup)

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