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Office madrid offersoffices, coworking and meeting rooms billable by hours or days, fully equipped, without any commitment to stay and available immediately.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers and all kinds of SMEs and large companies that for their professional activity are constantly traveling and need a professional space where they can work or meet in a timely manner. Officemadrid offers offices, coworking and meeting rooms billable by hours or days, fully equipped, without any commitment of permanence and available immediately.

We have Discount Bonuses to help make your activity as competitive as possible.

Office equipped with furniture
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Office equipped with furniture

Size 2 – 3 places
WIFI network included

1 hour – 24.20 €
2 hours – 48.40 €
1/2day – 60.50 €
1 day – 108.90 €

Meeting rooms
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Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment, bottle of water for all attendees, optional additional services such as catering, photocopying, etc.
WIFI network included

Rooms upto 8 people
1 hour – 36.30 € (with projector – 60.50 €)
2 hours – 72.60 € (with projector – 96.80 €)
1/2 day – 84.70 €
1 day – 157.30 €

Rooms up to16 people
1 hour 60.50 € (with projector – 84.70 €)
2 hours – 121 € (with projector – 145.20 €)
1/2 day – 145.20 €
1 day – 272.25 €



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Hourly coworking consists of a shared office in which you will have a table for yourself, where you can make your arrangements
WIFI network included

Price co-working day 20€

OfficeFull day office day70.00€
Bonus 5 full days325.00€
Bonus 10 full days600.00€
ROOMS UP TO 8 PAXFull day room day130.00€
Bonus 5 days room600.00€
Bonus 10 full days1,100.00€
ROOM MORE THAN 8 PAXFull day room day225.00€
Bonus 5 days room1,000.00€
Bonus 10 full days1,900.00€
BONUS COWORKINGCoworking per day20.00€
Bonus 5 days Co-Working90.00€
Bonus 10 days Co-Working170.00€
Bonus 20 days Co-Working320.00€
Bonus 40 days Co-Working600.00€
Office1/2 Day dispatch50.00€
Bonus 5 1/2 Days225.00€
Bonus 10 1/2 Days400.00€
ROOMS UP TO 8 PAX1/2 Day Room70.00€
Bonus 5 1/2 Days325.00€
Bonus 10 1/2 Days600.00€
ROOM MORE THAN 8 PAX1/2 Day Room120.00€
Bonus 5 1/2 Days575.00€
Bonus 10 1/2 Days1,050.00€
Office1 Hour Office Use20.00€
Bonus 5 hours Use Dispatch90.00€
Bonus 10 hours Use Dispatch170.00€
Bonus 20 hours Use Dispatch320.00€
Bonus 40 hours Use Dispatch600.00€
ROOMS UP TO 8 PAX1 Hour Use Meeting Room30.00€
Bonus 5 hours Use Meeting Room140.00€
Bonus 10 hours Use Meeting Room270.00€
Bonus 20 hours Use Meeting Room520.00€
Bonus 40 hours Use Meeting Room1,000.00€
ROOM MORE THAN 8 PAXFull Day Meeting Room50.00€
Bonus 5 hours Use Meeting Room240.00€
Bonus 10 hours Use Meeting Room470.00€
Bonus 20 hours Use Meeting Room920.00€
Bonus 40 hours Use Meeting Room1,800.00€
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