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    Looking for an hourly office rental
    in the center of Madrid?

    We know that flexibility is important to you, that’s why we now offer hourly dispatch vouchers in Madrid from 100 euros.

    You can make use of any of our 3 centers, located in the best areas of Madrid, with fully equipped offices, ready to use and without any permanence.

    (Up to 4 people)
    1 HOUR20
    1/2 DAY60
    1 DAY100
    BONUS 10 HOURS100

    Office Madrid cleaning protocol

    Our Centers
    • Access 24/7
    • No permanence
    • All in one bill
    • Brand new furniture
    • Exclusive telephone number
    • Calling and receiving phone calls
    • Insurance
    • Cleaning
    • Tax and commercial address
    • Personalized visitor care
    • Uninterrupted reception service.
    • Custody of correspondence
    • Access to meeting rooms
    • It support and maintenance
    • Kitchen Office (Microwave, Dishwasher, Refrigerators, Vending, Coffee)
    • Large common areas, lounge at the disposal of our guests.
    • High-speed Internet (fiber optic) lines.
    • Back up lines
    • Security cameras.
    • Multi-purpose modern equipment.
    • Meeting rooms with audiovisual equipment
    • Carbon footprint certification.


    An Ideal office for a business start-up with one or two work posts

    Rental of offices in Madrid with 1 or 2 seats


    An Office for up to three work posts, totally furnished and equipped for working from day one.

    Rental of offices in Madrid with 3 work posts

    Business Plus

    Offices for up to five work posts or two work posts plus a private meeting room or a private management office inside the same office area.

    office rental in Madrid for teams of up to 5 workers

    Team Office

    Our business centre offers solutions for large work teams, offices from six work posts with the possibility of having a private meeting room or management office.

    rental of offices and offices in Madrid


    Av. Brasil nº29 (Semiesquina Calle Orense 56) Independent entrance
    28020 Madrid

    Nuevos Ministerios - Azca

    Edgar Neville Street No. 6 (former General Moscardó)
    28020 Madrid

    Retiro / Atocha

    C/ Doctor Castelo, 44
    28009 MADRID


    Calle Marqués de la Ensenada, 14-16 – 1st Office 15
    28046 Madrid


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