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Solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs

SMEs less than two years old

In Office Madrid we make it easier for you. We know that far from being able to face large investments, need fast solutions in their implementation and a measured economic cost.

We have a catalog of solutions designed to help you find the work environment you need and fit the budget you can assume.

Benefit today from the advantages we offer from Office Madrid

  • Reduce the costs associated with your workspace
  • Enjoy flexible and pleasant workspaces
  • Find the professional support you need
Technology has allowed us to forget the physical distances when undertaking various jobs and many people already start or run their businesses from home.

For them we have a series of solutions that will respond to specific needs for your business organization.

  • Your Commercial Directorate and all the support of the Virtual Office.
  • Flexible workspaces: Learn about the different alternatives for casual jobs.
  • Meeting Rooms: A place to meet and organize your company’s events.
  • Business Services: Comprehensive advisory services

Focus on your business and entrust your management work to our team of specialists. We’ll help you.

Always with entrepreneurs

Our team of professionals will be at your side to help you and advise you on tax, accounting, legal and labor matters.

We offer you a series of expert advisory services that you can hire according to your needs (income, heritage, donations, …) We advise you and make all your personal taxes.

If you prefer to keep your accounts personally, we can help you check them and file taxes.

Additionally from Office Madrid we can help you:

  • Telephone service.
  • Postal Management.
  • Constitution of Companies, Legal Representation, Management of defaults, Contracts.
  • Management: Commercial, Property, Trademark and Civil Registry.
  • Post. Scriptures. Traffic. Social Security.

Need more information? +34 914252577

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