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for SMEs that have been operating for less than two years

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Office Madrid makes things easier for you. We know that you are not in a position to make large investments, and need rapidly implemented solutions at a reduced cost.

We have a catalogue of solutions designed to help you find the work environment you need, at a price you can afford.

Take advantage of the features of Office Madrid immediately

  • Reduce the costs of your workspace
  • Enjoy flexible and pleasant workspaces
  • Get the professional support you need

Technology has enabled us to forget physical distances when doing different work projects and many people begin or manage their business from their home.

For this purpose, we have a series of solutions that will cater for the specific needs of your business organisation.

  • Your Commercial Address and the support of the Virtual Office.
  • Flexible workspaces: Learn about the different types of workplaces for eventual work available.
  • Meeting rooms: A place to meet and organise your company events.
  • Business services: Integral advice services

Concentrate on your business and leave the administrative work to our team of specialists. We will help you.

Always beside entrepreneurs

Our team of professionals will be at your side to help you and advise you regarding fiscal, accounting, legal and labour issues.

We place a series of expert advice services at your disposal, which you can hire according to your needs (income tax, assets, donations…) We can advise you and calculate your personal tax payments.

If you prefer to manage your own accounts, we can help you check them out and present your tax payments.

Office Madrid also offers:

  • Telephone attention.
  • Postal management.
  • Constitution of Companies, Legal representation, Management of non-payment, Contracts.
  • Processing formalities: Mercantile Registry, Property Registry, Trade mark and Civil registry.
  • Postage. Deeds. Traffic. Social Security.

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