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    Virtual Secretary

    Don’t miss business opportunities, improve your customer service and save on costs with Office Madrid’s virtual secretary service. We have highly trained staff and experts in customer service. Hire today the online secretary service with agile, professional, confidential methodology and that will send you the information of all the calls received to your email.

    Additional we offer you the agenda and order management service to increase your productivity.

    We offer different virtual secretarial rates so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.




    50% off

    in the first 3 months


    Virtual Office Reservation


    What is a virtual office?

    The virtual office it is the solution for SMEs and professionals to project a professional image minimizing the costs that would entail while maintaining a physical structure.

    Office Madrid offers you from a privileged business location, wide advantages at reduced prices: Facilities equipped with qualified personnel attending your visits, calls and mail with a personalized treatment guaranteeing a good impression to your customers.

    You can have any type of service that we have (rental of meeting and training rooms, dispatches by the hour, telephone service, management) and the one you can think of, just ask us 😉

    We are constituting a company and we do not yet have the CIF, could you hire anyway?

    Yes, we only need the NAME REGISTRATION document that is delivered to them in the MERCHANT REGISTRATION and administrator ID. We would also make a contract with the CIF pending delivery, the collection would be made by means of a provisional invoice until they obtain the No CIF. If you do not have the registered name, you can make a contract in the name of a natural person and then change it to company.

    • If we are a European company or citizen, we would need the registration of the company and not intra-Community in order not to charge them VAT.
    • If you are a foreign company, we request any document certifying the relationship with Spain. You can always ask us depending on your case, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

    What form of payment do you accept?

    By direct debit, bank transfer, PayPal. Monthly, quarterly or annual payments can be made through direct debit, bank transfer, or PayPal.

    How long does it take to get me the contract?

    We can prepare your contract at the moment, by phone or by visiting our facilities

    When can I start using my virtual office services?

    Once we have the contract signed and we send you the data assigned to your business you can already use it in your legal documents (writings / treasury) and commercial services (web, cards, geolocation).

    Does the contract have any terms?

    Virtual office contracts are flexible. These can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

    Do I need to give out bail?

    We do not ask for any type of deposit, we bill by quarter and in advance. If you want to do monthly billing, you only have to let us know.

    What address should I use?

    Your address will be that of the center where you decide to contract direct debit and which is contained in the Annex of the contract that we will sign and in the Allocation of resources that we will send you. Our centers are as follows:

    • Nuevos Ministerios - Azca
    • Cuzco
    • Retiro-Atocha

    What's my phone number?

    Once you have contracted the service that includes Telesecretariado we provide you with the exclusive telephone number and a telephone service form in which you can give us the answering instructions and management of your calls and / or visits.

    What call limit do I have at the reception and call answering?

    In all our calls-reception packs, there are 35 monthly calls included. If we receive extra ones, we charge 0,50€ per call. Of course, we will do this once we have informed you of this.

    In OfficeMadrid, we have a professional team that will give your clients a personalized service since we do not like to work as a call center.

    Is there a cost to transfer calls?

    The call transfer service is included for up to 35 national calls. All phone consumption is perfectly measured and saved, with your invoice at the beginning of each quarter you will miss the detailed call report: time, not phone, etc.

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