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OfficeMadrid Cuzco

The most minimalist business center. 

Located right in the heart of La Castellana boulevard, Plaza de Cuzco is a prime location for business, an intermediate point between the large financial districts of the Community of Madrid in a neighbourhood that has managed to perfectly blend its historic architecture and character with a network of much more modern buildings.

Oficina cuzco officemadrid

Our Cuzco business center is the hub of OfficeMadrid. Our business centre in Cuzco is the nerve centre of OfficeMadrid. Here you can find different workspaces that are perfectly tailored to your current and future needs and will allow you to carry out your activity with maximum performance.

  • Prime location
  • Minimalist design
  • Area with a wide range of restaurants


OfficeMadrid Cuzco
Avenida Brasil 29, 28020, MADRID


"Enjoy our Cuzco working spaces located just a few metres off La Castellana."


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