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Virtual Secretary in Madrid

Sign up now for our virtual secretary service and don’t miss any more calls. With the virtual secretary service at OfficeMadrid, your calls will be answered just as if they were being answered by a secretary in your own company.

Our virtual secretary service provides you with a professional, bilingual and personalised telephone answering service, without you having to create a new job position within your company which has its costs.

secretaria virtual en officemadrid

We adapt our protocols to your needs to answer all incoming calls and transfer only those you consider necessary.
It is a totally transparent service, the client calls and a secretary from your company answers.  At no time will they be able to tell that it is an external service.

After the call, the secretary will send you all the information of the call by whatever means you have chosen previously so that you can immediately have all the information.

Sign up now for your virtual secretary and get a 50% discount for the first 3 months.

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Virtual secretary


35€/month - 17,50€/month

50% discount

for 3 months.



Virtual secretary


100€/month - 50€/month

50% discount

for 3 months.



* Price for the first three months. VAT not included.


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Benefits of your virtual secretary at OfficeMadrid

"Sign up for one of our virtual secretary plans and you concentrate on what's the most important."

Where to sign up for your virtual secretary in Madrid

At OfficeMadrid, we offer virtual secretary services in the best locations in Madrid.

Open your office just a few metres from Paseo de Castellana.
Avenida de Brasil, 29 · 28020 Madrid

Work in Madrid’s financial district.
Calle Edgar Neville, 6 · 28020 Madrid

Our most central business center in the capital.
C/ Doctor Castelo, 44 · 28009 Madrid

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have signed up for the virtual secretary service, we will provide you with a unique telephone number and a telephone answering form where you can give us instructions on how to answer and manage your calls.

Yes, every call will be answered exactly like you tell us to in the form. You can specify things like what language to use, what kind of greeting, etc.

All packs specify the total number of calls that can be received and answered per month. Once you have succeeded this limit, every additional call will have a cost of 0.50€. In any case, one of us at OfficeMadrid will let you know when you are about to reach the limit of the number of calls to avoid surprises.

The cost to transfer calls included in the pack is included. At the start of each quarter you will receive a detailed report of calls: time, telephone number, duration of the call, etc.

Direct debit, bank transfer, PayPal. Payments can be made: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

We can draw up your contract on the spot, either online or by phone, or by visiting our offices

The virtual secretary contracts are completely flexible – you can opt for a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly contract.

We don’t ask for any kind of deposit. Billing is done on a quarterly basis and in advance. If you would like to be billed monthly just let us know.