Training Rooms
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All our training rooms are equipped with the latest technology to be able to carry out the event with all the guarantees.

Salas de formación en Madrid

At OfficeMadrid, we offer fully-equipped training rooms of different sizes, always tailored to your needs and the event with complete flexibility.

All of our training rooms are equipped with the latest technology to allow you to carry out the training sessions with all the guarantees.

Sign up now for the 10-hour pass for 100€ + VAT for business training and use it however you need

* Up to 8 people due to COVID 19 restrictions

Compare our different training rooms in Madrid



sala formación business

The perfect room to deliver exclusive training sessions, give presentations to your clients or hold coaching sessions.



  • Full day 100€ + IVA
  • Half day 60€ + IVA
  • 1 hour 20€ + IVA
  • 10 hour pass 100€ + IVA


Business Plus

sala formacion business plus

The ideal room for training sessions or small presentations and conferences with all the necessary technology.



  • Full day 130€ + IVA
  • Half day 70€ + IVA
  • 1 hour 40€ + IVA



sala de formacion tipo master en officemadrid

Spaces tailored to any type of presentation or conference Rooms with a large capacity and completely adaptable.



  • Full day 225€ + IVA
  • Half day 130€ + IVA
  • 1 hour 60€ + IVA



sala de formacion executive en OfficeMadrid

Rooms perfect for any type of event with a large number of participants. Spaces fully tailored to any need with all the necessary technology to allow you to unleash your creativity.



  • Full day 420€ + IVA
  • Half day 240€ + IVA
  • 1 hour 100€ + IVA

* Capacity may be reduced due to Covid-19 measures

"A good training session needs a good space. Come and discover our training rooms"


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Benefits of renting your training room in Madrid with us

Where to rent your
training room in Madrid

At OfficeMadrid, we offer training rooms in the best locations in Madrid.

Open your office just a few metres from Paseo de Castellana.
Avenida de Brasil, 29 · 28020 Madrid

Work in Madrid’s financial district.
Calle Edgar Neville, 6 · 28020 Madrid

The most central of our business centers in the capital.
C/ Doctor Castelo, 44 · 28009 Madrid

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